Wildlife Refuge Barra del Colorado

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It created the July 26, 1985, this wilderness area is located in the northern Caribbean, forntera with the Republic of Nicaragua. It encompasses 50km of coastline and 78,977 hectares of canals, lagoons, rivers, river islands, forests, swamps, yolillales and hills (old volcanic cones); all these places with altitudes lower than 230m.

General information

The weather is very humid and hot, with no dry season. Rain is abundant throughout the year, but there is a noticeable decline in rainfall activity during the month of March. The average annual temperature ranges from 26-28 degrees Celsius. A waterway 78km in length connects the southern boundary of the refuge with the Port of Moin. An intense storm activity and permanent precipitated 5500-6000 mm of water per year, flooding the plain, already saturated by water from the rivers San Juan, Colorado and Chirripó. Water covers two-thirds of the land, including 2,700 hectares of swamps.
Flora and fauna
The flora of the region, is one of the most diverse of Costa Rica; in the area of ​​Coronel and Cocorí hills exiten 58 species of endemic plants. A curious aspect is the diversity and abundance of palms; It covers all known species of palms La Selva (OET) plus another 5 species, three of which have not been described yet. El Refugio has a very broad vegetation cover (over 80%) identified in 3 types of vegetation: Yolillal, Gamalotal and flooded forest, which can be defined as a hydric association where the soil remains flooded all year.
In this natural area are refugioel manatee, alligators, the crocodiles, Gaspar fish and numerous shoals of tarpon fish, plus an annual nesting bald occurs. It is also the habitat of the tapir, the jaguar, puma, monkeys and white-faced conto, ocelot, jaguarundi and peresozo three fingers, among other mammals.
The birds found in this area are the osprey, black toucan Keel-billed Toucan or curré, the neotropical cormorant, blue heron, tricolor heron, white hawk, the mountain chicken, the peacock frentirroja Kemp, among many others .


Other data

Inside the shelter, adjacent to the community of Barra del Colorado Sur, is the role of information and control, where officials will attend this wilderness area with pleasure. Here you can request an extension of a fishing license.

In addition it has the following attractions:

Sport Fishing: This area has been internationally recognized because it has achieved world records for fishing. Here you can go fishing in different styles: from the "fly" and "casting" to "trolling". We invite you to wet the nylon in the area of ​​peace and quiet and greet the acrobatics of kings silver fish.

Note: To fish in the refuge requires a fishing license, which can be obtained from the information and control puesde.

Cerro Tortuguero: It has an altitude of 119 meters and a trail that can be covered in about 45 minutes, the broken terrain. During the walk it is possible to find poisonous red frogs (Dendrobates pumilio). The highest point is used as a viewing point where you can take a souvenir of the area in all its breadth.

Caño Palma: A narrow channel, which carries a biological station dedicated to the research, and you varais propiedadesprivadas that are under the forest regime (PSA). Enjoy discovering the work done by researchers at the station.

Refuge is adjacent to the towns of Colorado and Tortuguero. In these places you can observe and learn about the features of the Caribbean culture, as well as access to facilities and services such as food, lodging, guides, public phones and more.

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