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What is the Tortuguero Conservation Area?

This question must be answered from two points of view, as an administrative office and as territorial extension.

As territoral extension:

It is an administratively defined territorial unit, consisting of the counties of Guácimo and Pococí of Limon province and part of the canton of Sarapiqui in the province of Heredia, where both private activities are interrelated as state and joint solutions, targeted strategies are sought conservation and sustainable development of natural resources. It extends from the San Juan River to the Parismina River. From the highlands of the Central Volcanic Range (belonging to the cantons of Guacimo and Pococí) and to the coast. With an estimated population of 150,000 and an area of ​​approximately 355,375.00 hectares.


As an administrative office:

It is the regional office of the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC), dependence on the Ministry of Environment and Energy, responsible for overseeing three main areas of the environment, State Forestry Administration, Management of Protected Areas and administration Wild Life.

In order to ensure the proper use of forest resources exist various forms of permits for harvesting, as well as incentives for conservation, in addition to components that act preventively as the component of Environmental Education and Community Management, and others subsequent act of a crime or complaint as component Control and Protection.


Regarding the management of protected areas (ASP's) are within the limits of act, the Tortuguero National Park (TNP), site of major importance in the Caribbean for the nesting green turtles (Chelonya mydas), the refuge of life Barra del Colorado Wildlife, Border Corridor, Guácimo Pococí Aquifer, the Protection Zone Tortuguero and the Private Wildlife Refuge Archie Car.

It has a component of Wildlife, which offers services such as tenure approve permits wildlife in captivity, zoo operation, permits for hunting and fishing, among others.

In the cantons of ACTo predominantly agricultural, livestock, forestry and commercial boom, especially in Pococí. Predominantly humid tropical climate.
Mission ACTo

Management of natural resources ACTo under the concept of quality of service, in response to a population that demands the use and service them in a sustainable and participatory manner.

ACTo as a region is consolidated to provide better service to the customer under a management program and proper conservation of natural resources, in order to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants and settlers.

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